The history of Craps

Craps has for ancestor the game “Hazard”, the origin of which is uncertain. It would have been invented during the crusades by Sir William of Tire and his knights, who played this game during the siege of the castle called “Hazarth” or “Asart” in 1125. The name of “Hazard” would therefore come from the name of the castle. The Britannica encyclopedia finds an Arabic origin to this game, “al zar” meaning “dice” in Arabic.

The game of “Hazard” has become particularly popular in England. Geoffrey Chacer mentions this game several times in the “Tales of Caterbury”, and the bourgeoisie as well as the nobility indulged in it in what already foreshadowed the current casinos.

The French would then have imported in France this game and would have renamed it “craps”, changing the name of a roll of two dice in Hazard’s game called crabs, but there is no documented proof. The game was brought to the South of the United States where the French settled and spread along the Mississippi. The inventor of the modern craps game , John H. Winn, a dice maker , had the idea of ​​allowing other bettors than the dice thrower to bet. This was accompanied by the design of the game mat representing all possible bets .

Today, craps is the top casino table game in the United States. You will find this game in casinos in Monaco, Deauville or Trouville, to name but a few.

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